PT Foton Prima Perkasa

Pt. Photon Prima Perkasa Is A Company Engaged In The Sale Of Cleaning Chemicals.

Providing A Variety Of Chemical Products, Such As:
1. Chemicals For Cooling Tower Water Cooling / Radiators
A. Scale Inhibitor / Anti Crust
B. Corrosion Inhibitor / Anti-Corrosion
C. Microbiocide / Anti Moss / / Anti Fungus / Biocide / Algacide

2. Chemicals For Water Boiler / Boiler Treatment
A. Scale Inhibitor / Anti Crust
B. Oxygen Scavenger / Oxygen Catcher For Hydrotesting / Hydraulic Test / Hydrostatic Test.
C. Ph Booster / Ph Control
D. Sludge Conditioner / Conditioner Lumpur

3. Cleaning Chemicals / Industrial Cleaner
A. Solvent Degreaser
B. Alkaline Cleaner & Degreaser
C. Aluminum Cleaner / Coil Cleaner / Cleaning Aluminum
D. Descaler
E. Electric Motor Cleaner / Emc
F. Multipurpose Cleaner / Multi-Purpose Cleaner / Mpc / Multipurpose Cleaner
G. Paint Stripper / Varnish Remover / Paint Removal
H. Carbon Remover
I. Rust Remover / Cleansing Karat
J. Waterless Hand Cleaner
K. Oven Cleaner
L. Stainless Steel Cleaner
M. Handsoap / Hand Wash Soap
N. Floor Cleaner / Soap Pel
O. Glass Cleaner / Cleaning Glass
P. Copper Cleaner / Cleaning Copper / Bronze
Q. Sanitizer / Disinfectant / Anti-Bacterial
R. Metal Cleaner
S. Degreaser / Super Degreaser

4. Fuel Additive
A. Fuel Oil Treatment / Fot
B. Fuel Conditioner
C. Fuel Improver

5. Care Chemicals / Maintenance Chemicals
A. Metal Protector, Rust Preventive, Rust Inhibitor / Anti-Corrosion
B. Radiator Coolant / Radiator Cooling
C. Radiator Additive
D. Dust Control / Dust Control
E. Rust Converter / Rust Reliving
F. Penetrating Oil
G. Anti Spater
H. Oil Spill Dispersant / Osd
I. Cutting Oil / Coolant Cutting
J. Tire Coolant / Coolant Tires

6. Antifoam / Defoamer

7. Chemical Water Treatment / Purification Waste
A. Flocculant Anionic / Cationic
B. Coagulant Plus
C. Polyacrylamide
D. Polyelectrolyte .

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