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Scale Inhibitor
Scale Inhibitor
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Sell Scale Inhibitor

Specification of Scale Inhibitor

Scale inllibitor are chemicals that stop or prevent the formation of scale when added in small concentrations in air.Penggunaan that chemistry is very interesting, because with a very low dose may be sufficient to prevent scale in a long period of time.
The working mechanism of scale inhibitor was twofold:

1. Scale inhibitors can be adsorbed on the surface of the scale crystals begin to form at the moment. Inhibitor is a large crystal that can cover small crystals and inhibit further growth.

2. In many ways chemicals can easily prevent the attachment of particles on a solid surface.

Type Scale Inhibitor
The group scale inhibitors include: poliphospat inorganic, organic inhibitors, Phosponat, phosphate esters, and polymers. Inorganic poliphospat is non-crystalline inorganic solids. These compounds are rarely used in oil operations. The disadvantage is that the solids and chemicals is ymudah degraded rapidly at low pH or at high temperatures. Organic inhibitors are usually packaged as a liquid concentrate and can not be separated as stable chemicals. Scale inhibitor, phosphate esters are highly effective but at temperatures above 175 ° C can cause hydrolysis process in a short time.
Phosponat is a good scale inhibitor for use at temperatures above 3500F. While polymers such as acrylic can be used at temperatures above 350 ° C.

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