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Product Catalog Bahan Kimia, From PT. Foton Prima Perkasa

Carbon Remover / Injector Cleaner

Carbon Remover Is Useful For Cleaning Combustion Residual Carbon, Oil Sludge And Oil Crust Attached To The Equipment Such As Injectors, Fuel Atomizer, Nozzle / Nozzle, Heat Exchanger, Storage Tanks, Diesel Engines, Compressors, Etc.

Price : IDR CALL


Oil Solvent That Works Fast Either Cooking Oil, Oil, Grease, Etc..

Dries Quickly, Does Not Need To Be Rinsed. Suitable For Cleaning The Metal And The Metal Production Process. This Material Is Not Flammable.

Price : IDR CALL

Radiator Coolant

Prevent The Corrosion Of The Radiator Along Waterways. This Product Contains A Corrosion / Rust Inhibitor Which Protects All Types Of Metals Both Ferrous Metals, Aluminum, Or Copper From Corrosion Attack. Presence Of Corrosion Will Cause Dirty Water Coolers And Cause Leakage And Mixing Of Water In The Radiator / Coolant With Engine Oil.

This Product Does Not Contain Lime / Mineral That Can Cause The Crust / Tube Radiator Tube Blockage, Preventing The Increase Of Temperature Radiator And Radiator To Prevent Explosions. Coolant Mixing With Mineral Water Will Increase The Risk Of Clogging The Radiator.

Prevent Corrosion And Crust Are 2 Most Important Things That The Radiator Still Functioning Optimally.

Price : IDR CALL

Solvent Degreaser / Cleaner

Dissolve And Decompose Dust And Oil Mixture, Usually Located In The Garage Area / Workshop, Machinery Space, Heavy Equipment, Etc.. Usage Is Very Easy, Just Sprayed On The Desired Area, Wait A Few Minutes, Then Rinse With Water Pressure / Waterjet. Dirt Will Quickly Decompose And Form An Emulsion

Price : IDR CALL

Boiler Chemicals / Boiler Treatment

The Complete Package Boiler Water Treatment Consisting Of :
- Scale Inhibitor / Anti Crust
- Regulatory Ph / Ph Booster
- Oxygen Scavenger / Oxygen Catcher
- Dispersant & Conditioner


Material Selection And Calculation Of The Exact Composition Of These Products Is The Key To Success In Order To Function Prevents Crust And Rust.
This Is How The Product Works By Reacting Lime Into Soft Mud And Dispersing So Easily Disposed Of Through A Pipe Blowdown / Bleed Off.
In Addition To Products That Are Mixed In One Package, The Product Is Also Available Separately.

Price : IDR CALL

Chemical Paint Removers

Paint Stripper / Remover Paint Is A Paint And Varnish Materials Thresher Good Metal Paint, Paint And Paint The Wood. Working Quickly 0, 5-3 Minutes The Paint Will Soon Ballooned And Detached From The Surface Of Iron Or Wood. This Product Is Safe For Metal, Masonry Or Wood.

Price : IDR CALL

Multipurpose Cleaner Mpc

Multipurpose Cleaner Is A Versatile Cleaning Agents That Can Be Used To Clean The Dust, Oil, Anti-Rust And Grease. Also Clean The Stain Stains On Fabric, Plastic, Metal, Etc.. This Product Is Not Corrosive To Metals And Can Be Used In Various Areas Such As: Workshops, Engine Rooms, Production Rooms, Kitchens, Hospitals, Tanks, Drilling Area, Flooring, Plumbing, Heavy Equipment, Etc.. Suitable Used For Flushing The Newly Installed Pipe, Also On Plastic Waste Washing, Etc..
For Light Dirt Use Still Can Be Diluted With Water.
Available In A Variety Of Types That Can Be Tailored To The Needs.

Price : IDR CALL

Other Chemicals

Providing Raw Materials / General Chemical


Tkpp : Tetra Potassium Pyrophosphate
Shmp : Sodium Hexametaphosphate
Hedp : 1-Hydroxyethylidene-1, 1-Diphosphonic Acid
Hpma : Hydrolysed Polymaleic Anhydride
Paa : Polyacrylic Acid / Poly Acrylic Acid
Maleic - Acrylic Copolymer
Carboxylate - Sulfonate Copolymer
Sodium Bichromate / Sodium Dichromate
Meg : Mono Ethylene Glycol
Isothiazolinone / Isothiazolinones / Isothiazolin / Cmit
Bkc : Benzalkonium Chloride
Ammonium Bifluoride / Abf
Emulsifier / Pengemulsi
Koh : Potassium Hyroxide, Kalium
Lem Serangga, Lem Tikus
Resin Kation / Anion
Tce : Trichloroethylene / Asahi / Usa
Pe : Cationic / Anionic Polyelectrolyte

Price : IDR CALL

Cooling Water Treatment

Provide Chemicals For Cooling Water Cooling Tower Like:

1. Scale Inhibitor / Anti Crust

2. Corrosion Inhibitor / Anti-Corrosion

3. Anti Moss / Anti Fungus / Algacide / Microbiocide / Biocide

Price : IDR CALL


Dissolving And Outlines Crust Caused By Water Contamination. The Crust Is Usually Attached To The Boiler Pipe, Heat Exchanger, Cooler, Radiator, Chiller, Etc. That Clog And Disrupt The Performance Of The Engine.

This Product Contains Acid Corrosion Inhibitor That Is Able To Suppress The Corrosion Rate At The Time Of Application With Acid

Price : IDR CALL

Alkaline Cleaner & Degreaser

Clean Various Impurities Such As Dust, Combined With The Remaining Oil, Anti Corrosion / Rust Inhibitor, Gram Iron / Metal. Prepare The Metal Surface Free Of Dirt So It Is Ready For Further Processing Such As Painting, Plating, Glue / Glue, Etc.

Can Also Be Used On Plastic Surfaces, Ceramics, Concrete, Etc.

Price : IDR CALL

Aluminium Cleaner / Coil Cleaner / Ac Cleaner / Ahu Cleaner

Aluminum Aluminum Cleaner Handy To Clean And Disinfect Bacteria As Well, Especially In The Ac Lattice, Both Ac And Split Ac Central (Ahu). Ac Lattice That Will Clean The Air More Fresh Produce And Save Energy.

Price : IDR CALL

Electric Motor Cleaner / Emc

Clean Up And Get Rid Of Oil, Grease, Dust And Moisture. Not Corrosive To Metal, Dries Quickly And Leaves No Residue That Could Potentially Cause A Short Circuit / Short.

Price : IDR CALL

Oil Penetrating

Useful To Ease Off Work Because Of A Jammed Bolt Bolts Rust. With Good Penetration Power Of This Product Is Able To Penetrate The Pores So That The Layer Of Rust That Will Jam Lubricated.

This Product Also Has The Ability To Get Rid Of The Moisture That Helps Prevent Corrosion.

Price : IDR CALL

Rust Preventive Oil

Coat The Metal And Prevent Air Contact / Moisture To The Metal So It Does Not Happen Perkaratan. Also Able To Get Rid Of The Moisture On The Metal Surface.

Prevent Corrosion Process On Production Of Metal Goods During Storage Or Further Processing Waiting Period.

As An Anti-Rust Metal Parts During Storage Or Delivery To The Buyer.

Price : IDR CALL