PT Foton Prima Perkasa

PT. Foton Prima Perkasa is a company engaged in the sale of Cleaning Chemicals. We provide various chemical products, such as:1. Chemicals for Water Cooling Cooling Tower / RadiatorA. Scale Inhibitor / Anti CrustB. Corrosion Inhibitors / Anti RustC. Microbiocide / Anti Moss / / Anti-fungal / Biocide / Algacide2. Chemicals for Water Boilers / Boiler TreatmentA. Scale Inhibitor / Anti CrustB. Oxygen Scavenger / Oxygen Catcher for Hydrotesting / Hydraulic Test / Hydrostatic TestC. PH Booster / Regulator PHD. Sludge Conditioner / Mud Conditioner3. Cleaning Chemicals / Industrial CleanerA. Solvent DegreaserB. Alkaline Cleaner & DegreaserC. Aluminum Cleaner / Coil Cleaner / Aluminum CleanerD. DescalerE. Electric Motor Cleaner (EMC)F. Multipurpose Cleaner / Multi Purpose Cleaner / MPC / Multipurpose CleanerG. Paint Stripper / Paint ThresherH. Carbon RemoverI. Rust Remover / Rust CleanerJ. Waterless Hand CleanerK. Oven CleanerL. Stainless Steel CleanerM. Handsoap / Hand Washing SoapN. Floor Cleaner / Soap SoapO. Glass Cleaner / Glass CleanerP. Copper Cleaner / Copper / Bronze CleanerQ. Sanitizer / Anti-bacterial / Anti-bacterialR. Metal CleanerS. Degreaser / Super Degreaser4. Fuel AdditiveA. Fuel Oil Treatment / FotB. Fuel ConditionerC. Fuel Improver5. Maintenance ChemicalA. Metal Protector, Rust Preventive, Rust Inhibitor / Anti RustB. Coolant Radiator / Cooler RadiatorC. Radiator AdditiveD. Dust Control / Dust Controller | E. Rust Converter / Rust CarrierF. Penetrating OilG. Anti SpaterH. Oil Spill Dispersant (OSD) br I. Oil Cutting / Coolant CuttingJ. Tire Coolant / Cooling Tire6. Antifoam / Defoamer7. Water Treatment Chemicals / Waste PurifiersA. Anionic / Cationic FlocculantB. Koagulan PlusC. PolyacrylamideD. Polyelectrolyte

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